Short answer, most probably. Long answer, it depends on the overall size and use of the structure. These factors also dictate what kind of approval is required. As a company with a building license, we recommend all of our structures get approved!

YES, we pride ourselves on our fantastic approvals knowledge here in Canberra and the surrounding NSW councils like Yass Valley and QPRC. We are adept at designing structures so they don’t require DA approvals and can be fast tracked through the DA exempt Building Approval process. For more information see our approvals page here

Nope! We are happy to pop out to site, measure up your area and provide a quote for free!

YES! We quote for full projects, including all of the construction, designing, approvals, project management and supply of PC items.

Usually an approval for a studio takes about 4-6 weeks (longer if the structure needs to be classified as a secondary residence or granny flat). From there the major lead time is getting material to site, which for some items, such as windows, is typically around the 12-week mark but can be as quick as 6 weeks. When your project is approved, we have an onsite handover with our project manager, and he schedules in all of the works. Once the material is onsite it takes about 4-6 weeks to complete the build.

Nope! We quote up front, for the whole project. The only thing that can change the price is changes to the design or unforeseeable occurrences, such as undocumented pipes unground, buried asbestos being uncovered etc. In the event that there is a change we will quote the work first for your approval.

Yep, no problems, just have a chat with one of our project consultants and we can put together a custom design at no cost.

Yes that’s no worries at all. Our full projects quotes include, painting, tiling, taps, pc items, air conditioning etc. Which are outlined in our inclusions brochure (link). However, if you have specific items you’d like to include e.g. tiles or handles just let us know and we can adjust the quote accordingly.

Sure, if you have left over tiles from a renovation, or specific tapware, handles, toilet etc that you’d like to supply we are happy to install them and adjust the quote accordingly. Just let us know.

No, we specialise in designing, approving and building, detached structures, but we are happy to recommend some good boutique builders.

Yes! We can certainly help out with other work around the house. Give us the brief and we can let you know if we can provide a solution for you.


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